According to UNICEF, that’s how many orphaned children there are in the world right now.

These are not theoretical children or cold statistics. These are actual children like your children. Like you. 150 million of them. And it’s estimated that this number grows by 5000 every day.

So what do we do?

With so much need, it’s easy just to shake your head and regret the problem and go watch TV or argue politics some more. Because really, the challenge is too big for any one of us. Plus there are scams everywhere. So much corruption. Greedy caregivers. Phony orphanages. Who do you trust? How does anyone know their money is even doing any good.



The New Orphanage idea is simple. We want to help and we want to see results. We don’t want to waste a single dollar if we can avoid it. We want to find the most sincere orphan champions worldwide; we want to meet them, to trust them, to be inspired by their dedication. Then we want to tell their stories. With pictures, words and video, we want to inspire others to get involved, to contribute money, talent, creative solutions. And then we want to prove the work. To celebrate large and small victories. To make a real difference in the lives of these children.

100% MODEL

All money donated to projects will go to projects. Operating costs will be covered separately.


Through pictures, video and stories, we’ll prove all projects, allowing contributors to see their results.


Working with trusted passionate people already making a difference, we’ll change the world together.



New Orphanage is always looking for new ways to get involved. Know a hero working in the field? Let us know. Want to support our work? We’d love to hear from you. To see what we’re working on, click the PROJECTS tab above. To join our newsletter, click the blue button below. In both large and small ways, we are committed to the idea that every child matters, and we hope you’ll join us.

By joining the New Orphanage team, you’ll get updates on life-changing work being done in the field, and opportunities to be a part of projects that are changing the world for these beautiful kids.