It gives me great pleasure to announce our first official New Orphanage project

To start things off, we’re running a 60-day campaign that will have a profound impact on a small Indian town while creating a powerful source of income for the most trustworthy orphanage I know.

The Mission is an orphanage in the north of India near the Nepal border. It’s run by my friends, Rick and Clifton Shipway, and together, we are looking to expand the Mission’s school. Launched in 2013, the Maxton Strong School was a big idea. As they envisioned it, the school would not only provide a free education for all of the Mission kids, it would one day be completely self-sustaining, covering all operating costs through the collection of reasonable enrollments fees from outside students.

Now in its second year, the school educates nearly 450 students from the area communities, turns a small profit, and is already considered one of the top schools in the region. But there is one small (but good) problem: The School is running out of room!


THE PLAN: Six classrooms, three science labs, one computer lab, all furnishings.
THE COST: $100,000

THE PAYOFF: 9 new jobs, quality education for 193 additional area students at reasonable fees, self-sustaining source of revenue for Mission.

Blue is new ground floor. Download the complete project plans by click the image above.


And so we invite you to be a part of this project. Until we set up our own fund-raising tools, we’ll continue using Indiegogo, a platform that has been incredibly supportive in the past. The campaign is called ORPHAN SCHOOL and you can watch our latest video by clicking the button below. Thanks for taking a look.