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I believe that we all want to change the world.

I know I do. Maybe not the whole world—although that would be amazing, wouldn’t it? But at least a small part of it. It’s like a little voice, a tiny hero in my heart that calls out to me from time to time. And I want to listen, to act. And sometimes I do. But sometimes I don’t. Sometimes, I don’t know what to do.

The real question is how. And what. And where to start? Who do you trust? Many problems are so big, they seem insurmountable. Or they’re so far away. Or we’re so busy. Other people do amazing work and we cheer—I cheer—from the sidelines, admire them, dream of joining them in the fight. But then…life intrudes and I get distracted and the call to act, the tiny hero, slips away again.

Does this sound like you? If so, maybe we can do something together.

My passion is orphaned and abandoned children. Having lived at an orphanage for most of 2014, these kids are now both an explosion of light in my life and a constant weight on my heart. UNICEF estimates there are more than 150 million of these children in the world today. Right now. Breathing. On our planet! 150 million.

All at once, it is a paralyzing number that is not motivating at all. It would be difficult to wash 150 million socks much less care for so many tiny human beings. But one at a time…when a single child is taken from a place of no love and given love…when one unwanted boy is wanted…when one forgotten girl is remembered by the world…there is no better work that I know of.

That said, I want to be smart about it, useful, effective. I’ve seen scams and cheats. Greedy caregivers. Corruption of every type. So I’m starting New Orphanage with a few simple rules:

  1. We will find the best, more sincere trust-worthy people working on behalf of orphans worldwide.
  2. We will tell their stories, through beautiful pictures, videos and words, then share them with the world.
  3. We will support their work by contributing money, expertise, talent and creative solutions.
  4. We will document the work and prove the results, striving not to waste a single dollar.

To kick things off, we’re aiming high, looking to raise $100,000 for the orphanage school at the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission in Banbasa, India. Rick and Clifton Shipway run this remarkable place, and they are not only my friends, they are two of the most honest, trustworthy people I know. If you want your money to be used wisely on behalf of orphaned children, the Shipways are a good place to start.

The project is called Orphan School in Indiegogo, and it’s nearly ready to launch. As I’ve bee putting the final touches on the introduction video…I’ve watched these beautiful kid’s faces, and I know in my heart that they are worth my best effort. To say I love them is a simple fact. To help them in this small way is a sincere honor for me. Maybe you’ll feel the same way. Take a look and see what you think. If nothing else, the kids will brighten your day.

Orphan School_text

I believe we all want to change the world. Maybe not the whole thing. Maybe just one small piece, no bigger than a single child. Maybe the tiny hero inside of you likes the sound of this. Maybe he or she is calling out, urging you to act.

If so, I hope you’ll join me here at New Orphanage as we make a tangible difference one child at a time. The road may be long, but most urgent roads are. And personally, I can think 150 million good reasons to get started.


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